About Us


  • The Tapestry of Being is a vehicle for the spiritual teaching work of Krishna Gauci. Krishna has a background in the practice of Buddhist Meditation for 29 years and has been involved in the Advaita Vedanta Tradition as a devotee of the Spiritual Master HWL Poonja (Papaji) since 1993.  For more on Krishna go to:  http://krishnasatsang.com
  • The Tapestry of Being orientation itself is simply a teaching tool for a pretty straightforward way of presenting what I understand to be the situation for spiritual living in the twenty-first century. 
    This is clearly a time when countless spiritual people tend not to pick one exclusive religion or belief system that they stick with their whole lives.

    Many people today, including those who have experienced one or another form of spiritual awakening often feel confused about how to make progress in their spiritual lives. They find themselves in such a confusing array of multiple views that it’s become increasing difficult to know how to move forward or where forward even is. 

    We are no longer living in a time when it’s easy to choose a spiritual or life path without seeing how incredibly arbitrary it all is and wondering if you chosen the right one.

    With so much material available nowadays, where do you start?

    All the spiritual teaching in the world won't matter if we don't know how to apply it and see where it fits into our own particular journey.

    My desire is to give you the simplest, most practical ways to apply perspectives from ancient and modern teachings to your own life in an integrated way, that honors your own uniqueness.

    To help you begin to weave your own personal tapestry, I have gone through the great repository of spiritual traditions and pulled out what I feel are the clearest basic ways of generating your own original orientation that pulls you forward into your own deepest communion with Life.