Living Your Divinity Digital Download Set


This is the download set of our 7 week tele-course on Living as Awakened Being.

This course is an experiential journey into the world of deepening peace and expanded awareness, the Red and Purple dimensions of the Tapestry of Being:

Red Node, Transcendental Divine Identity: Knowing How You Are Freedom Itself in The Ground of Being

Purple Node, Energetic Presence Identity: You Are A Multidimensional Field Of Radiant Energy that flows through all that you experience

In this course we will identify the factors that empower us to prepare our own awareness and energetic body to inhabit our larger Divine Nature and find the sweet spot.

We will also deliver a four component form of practice that you will be able to use long after the course to continue to get accustomed to your divinity.

Resting in your own nature as Unconditioned Space gives a peace beyond words but it's not always obvious what to do in the moment.
Remembering about how to ease into your own fullness can become a habit for you.
Shining in your own pool of blissful energy is nurturing that everyone can use.

As well as inspiring stories and teachings you will come away from the course with techniques that will enhance your life and enrich your connection to your own sense of Being.