The Lover's Heartbeat Digital Download Set


The Lover's Heartbeat

Explore living in your Spiritual Universe: Devotion, Luminous Presences and Contacting Unseen Guidance in this 7 class journey focusing on the Yellow and Orange dimensions of the Tapestry of Being with Krishna Gauci.

From the moment we completed the Tapestry of Being Tele-course people have expressed a desire to delve further into the dimensions of Spiritual Worship, Deities and Angelic Presences. I'm happy to now make available The Lover's Heartbeat Tele-course set for immediate download.

Chock full of inspiring stories and useful information you will also come away from the course with exercises and techniques you can directly use at home that will enhance your life and enrich your own connection to Spirit. The Lover's heartbeat is appropriate for both beginning and advanced practitioners. 

Yellow Node, Energetic Presence Relationships: Contacting Unseen Help and Becoming Sensitive To Numinous Presences 

Uncover and develop your capacity to know that you are never alone. Reclaim your heritage as a resident of the spiritual universe.

This dimension is our awareness of, and our relationship with, the energetic presences of both disincarnate and incarnate beings: angels, saints, masters, guides, buddhas, bodhisattvas, gods, goddesses, nature spirits, departed loved ones, as well as the spiritual or energetic presences of people who are alive now but are not in your physical proximity. As we begin to notice the way that all forms of presence are aspects of One Being or one Presence we are in the amber zones of devotion. 

Orange Node, Devotion and Transcendental Divine Relationship: Your Unique Relationship with Deity as experienced by You

Trace your own steps and open to the source of guidance and life that is
personal to you and always here.
This is your experience of God (or Goddess) as you understand and experience that One in your life. This is the realm of devotion to the Divine Person as they reveal themselves to you. All forms of prayer and acknowledgement of synchronicities are here to the point that it becomes apparent that there is simply one Beloved with whom you are in a private dance.

Relationship to and communion with Divine Radiant Presence outshines and absorbs everything else: As we move into a spiritual communion beyond words there is devotion in which there is non-dual dissolving of the separate sense of self into Transcendental Divine Identity.