The Tapestry of Being Digital Download Set


The original "Tapestry of Being" the exciting 7 class live tele-course that started the series is now available in mp3 digital download format including detailed essays that supplement and fully illuminate the audio material. Listen now at your own pace for an overall understanding of this powerful orientation to spiritual life.
-- Expansion: There's a full spectrum of Being potentially available for us in our human life, and this course will give you a taste of what is possible to grow into, even if you are a veteran of the awakened life
-- Deepening: You'll have visualizations and meditations that help deepen some of these dimensions, and get ideas of how to go further with what pulls you 
-- Perspective: There is SO MUCH spiritual stuff 'out there' that can seem contradictory and confusing, this orientation helps you conceptually organize these perspectives 
-- Understanding: This orientation helps you get a sense of how your direct, immediate experiences fit into the spectrum of Being, gives your varied spiritual experiences a context, and shows you how you might be similar or different to other people in ways you didn't realize
What will we be doing at the Tapestry Tele-course?

At The Tapestry of Being tele-course we will illuminate 6 distinct dimensions of our ongoing spiritual lives. We'll establish how they each empower us and how they seamlessly blend into each other.

We'll begin to see exactly how these pieces feed us as a whole and we'll have an easier sense of how to use concepts and techniques from different traditions or psychological schools in a way that contributes to our own particular process.

The first of the seven classes will be an overview of this particular way of orientating to our process. The remaining classes will be overviews of each of the general 6 dimensions of spiritual life as identified in this orientation.

1) The Tapestry of Being
One of a Kind Handiwork of Life
Each of our life paths is an original weaving of six dimensions

2) You Are Freedom Itself: The Ground Of Being 
Transcendental Divine Identity
Explore an ever deepening recognition and claiming of your nature as Consciousness Itself. 

3) You Are A Multidimensional Field Of Radiant Energy
Energetic Presence Identity
Explore the current of feeling that flows through (and ultimately is) you and all that you experience.

4) Discover The Dignity Of Your Divinely Human Nature
Embodied Human Identity
We are unique spiritual beings of flesh and blood. Embracing our humanity we meet the vulnerability at the heart of our life. 

5) The Catalytic Magic of Awakened Relationships
Embodied Human Relationship
Interacting with others in mutual listening we recognize both unity and uniqueness which creates a safe circumstance for natural transformation.

6) Unseen Help: Becoming Sensitive To Numinous Presences
Energetic Presence Relationship
Uncover and develop your capacity to know that you are never alone. Reclaim your heritage as a resident of a spiritual universe.

7) Devotion: Your Unique Relationship With Your Unique Divine
Transcendental Divine Relationship
Trace your own steps and open to the source of guidance and life that is personal to you and always here. 

You will come away from the course with exercises and techniques you can directly use at home that will enhance your life and enrich your connection to your own sense of Being.